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How about just my exclusive e-book package?


How about I just offer you just the e-books I mentioned in the Platinum Package? If you only want access to the e-books and not enroll in my personal coaching program, then you can buy my Silver Package for a one-time payment of just $19.95!

Again, you will not have access to Course #1: Private Coaching With Brad Browning. You will only be getting courses 2-5 in the Silver Package.

  • In this course, I’m going to give you the tools to destroy the anger and resentment that’s tearing your marriage apart. These psychological tactics are designed to erase all the negative, hateful, and destructive tendencies you and your spouse have and replace them with thoughts of love and adoration.

    Enroll now and you will discover:

    • How to instantly transform hatred and anger into lust.
    • How my “Resentment Destroying” tactic will help you and your spouse get over the destructive parts of your past and focus on the positive memories.
    • How controlling your anger will make you infinitely more attractive to your spouse.
  • Discover how you can stop the bleeding from your marriage right now, no matter how much you scream and argue with your spouse. Even if you can’t spend a second with your spouse without feeling frustrated, angry, and depressed — even if you just feel like almost all hope is lost — there are several psychological strategies that you can employ to instantly make all that horror vanish.

    Enroll now and you will discover:

    • How to deal with any sort of marital crisis.
    • How you can force your spouse to feel calmer and more willing to work things out.
    • How using my “anti-crisis” techniques will prevent you from ever experiencing marriage-ending issues, ever again.
  • In order to prevent your marriage from falling apart, you need to understand what makes them fall apart. In this exclusive e-book, I will go over why most married couples get divorce and exactly what you can do to make sure that these problems never sneak into your marriage.

  • In this course, I’m going to give you sexual superpowers – powers that will make your spouse simply melt in your hand like putty. If you want to make your spouse sexually addicted to you to the point where he or she couldn’t imagine themselves with any other person, then this is a must read.

    Enroll now and you will discover:

    • How to give your spouse earth-shattering orgasms so powerful, then he or she will become addicted to you.
    • How to become the best lover your spouse has ever had, even if you have absolutely no confidence in your abilities now.
    • How to occupy your spouse’s deepest, darkest sexual fantasies.
  • In this course, I’m going to reveal to you how the structure of marriage has changed throughout history… and how you can use this knowledge to make sure your spouse stays committed to you forever.

    Enroll now and you will discover:

    • Why the institution of marriage is dying and what people are doing wrong.
    • How to change expectations in a marriage so you and your spouse will remain forever happy.
    • How to make your friends and family look at your new marriage with jealousy.
  • In this course, I will go over Gary Chapman’s ‘5 Languages of Love’ – these are languages that you can use to help satisfy your partner like nobody else in the world can… and your spouse will be addicted to you.

    Enroll now and you will learn:

    • What ‘love language’ your spouse speaks and how you can speak it.
    • How to make sure your spouse is speaking your language too…
    • How to always keep your spouse feeling connected to you, even during intense arguments.

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