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Many people can apply the strategies outlined in my Mend the Marriage program word for word.

Sometimes, though, you may face a unique situation that can’t be resolved with generic advice or inflexible strategies.

Think You’ll Be Fine? Going It Alone Can Be Dangerous!

If you’re faced with this kind of unusual or confusing scenario, things can quickly spin out of control and begin to feel hopeless.

Unless you can quickly adapt your strategy to suit the situation, you may get caught off guard and unknowingly make a mistake that could permanently ruin your chances of ever saving your marriage.

Let me put it this way: if you’re not a mechanic and know absolutely nothing about cars, would you try to fix the engine in your brand new BMW?

Of course not! There’s a good chance you’d just end up doing more damage. If you’re sensible, you won’t take the risk… you’ll hire a reputable, trained mechanic to repair the car properly.

So, if you wouldn’t trust yourself to perform complicated car repairs, why would you trust yourself to fix your complicated relationship problems?

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I’ve Been There Before, And I’ve Learned What Works

I don’t know a damned thing about repairing your new BMW… but I do know how to fix your broken relationship.

I’ve read all the relationship psychology textbooks, and I’ve combed through the research studies.

Over the past ten years, I’ve helped thousands of people around the world get a second chance at a happy, healthy marriage. I’ve seen first-hand what works and what doesn’t.

And, most importantly, I’ve learned how to adapt the proven strategies in my program to suit almost every scenario.

I’ll Guide You Through The Process, From Start To Finish

Maybe you need some expert guidance to get through in a sticky situation…

Maybe you want help interpreting your spouse’s confusing signals…

Or even if you just want someone to vent to…

Whatever your partner may throw at you, I’m just an email away, and we’ll tackle it together.

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